Update!!! Hot off the presses

It’s been awhile since I’ve written….much has gone on since last autumn. Where do I begin?
I have purchased a new home and I am in the process of having it re-carpeted and painted. Oh! the joys of being partially color-blind! I have asked people at work, friends and consulted books and magazines…..all have diametrically opposing ideas. So, to thine own self be true! For those who see my color choices, I apologize in advance or……I’ll accept full kudos for my excellent design taste. The whole process is maddening! I guess decorating has come a long way since lava lamps, strobe lights and Peter Frampton posters. I must have been watching t.v.
Now… more importantly…
The kids are all wonderful. Christopher no longer likes me to call him "CJ"…his name is "Christopher" or "Christopher Jack". I wish that I would write or record all the adorable things he says. I took the kids to a park a couple of weeks ago and each of the little ones was doing their own thing. Katie and I were playing kickball, Nicholas was hitting golf balls and Chris was catching ladybugs. Well, after a while Katie and I took a break and I sat down. All of a sudden I feel something crawling on my head…..Chris was putting ladybugs in my hair! Very nice. I guess it is a better than him putting them in his front pocket.
Nicholas continues his Spongebob Squarepants obsession but it has been now joined by Mickey Mouse.
Katelyn is learning sooo much in school it amazes me. She is actually helping me write this letter.
I took them bowling for the first time recently and I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt for days.
Holly has competed in several Irish Dancing Feiseinna (sp?). Oakland in October (4th place), The Western Regional Oireachtas in San Francisco in November (17th place!!! in solos and 1st place in the Dance Drama!!!), Sacramento Feis in January (2nd) and last week the Fresno Feis (1st place!) Congratulations Hols! At the Oireachtas she qualified for Nationals which we be held this June in San Diego! Way to go!! Her schoolwork is not suffering while she practices her wonderful talents (which makes me very happy)!
well, I have to cut this short….the boys are taking their naps, and Katie and I are going to play a couple of games while we have a few quiet moments.
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