Spring 2006

Hello all, thanks for stopping by. Well summer is beginning to make its presence felt here in Las Vegas…..temps flirting with 100 degrees and tempers not too far behind. For those who have never experienced a Vegas summer….all you can do is grit your teeth and hold on. When I lived in NY, during the winters I would say "Think Florida", here in Vegas during the summer I guess the correct phrase would be "Why the hell am I here?"
These past few months have been pretty eventful ones for me. To begin, immediately after moving into my house, I had to head down to Phoenix and handle a crisis at our office down there. I would either commute everyday back and forth or stay overnight. So, for about two months, I barely slept at my house! Go figure.
I hired/fired a few people to right the ship down there and now only have to fly down once or twice weekly to oversee operations. Not too bad, keeps things interesting.
What else……I’ve done quite a bit of traveling outside of Phoenix. Last March, I went to Long Island to visit friends and family for a day then flew down to Key West, Florida to catch up with two life-long friends and do some deep sea fishing. The fishing sucked but the camaraderie was fantastic. I am lucky and grateful to have such cool friends! Thanks Bill and Mike! Let me plan next years trip… Cabo? Jamaica? New Jersey?
A few weeks after the fishing trip, Holly spent her spring break with me and I rounded up all the kids and spent a few days in San Diego. Visited the zoo, swam in the pool at the hotel which was right on the beach and collected a bunch of shells. Great trip but I should have brought my border collie to shepherd the kids! Speaking of dogs, I got a golden retriever pup, but more on that later…..
Lastly, I just came back a couple of days ago from an Officers Retreat that we held in Maui. So besides the obligatory round of golf / drinks / dining / beach, we slipped a few meetings in. Another great trip which made me sulk for a day or so after I got back. Gotta love Maui! Next up…..Holly is competing in the Irish Dancing Nationals this coming June in San Diego and then my Canada fishing trip in August!!
So, why is it taking so long for me to get curtains and blinds on my house? Because I am spending the money in San Diego, Long Island, Key West, Wailea, Phoenix, and oh yeah, I fly to Reno tomorrow morning to watch Holly dance! I should sell t-shirts.
Now, about the puppy…..her name is Casey and she is about 8-9 weeks old now. Very cute and energetic. Hopefully she will get me off of my butt and get some exercise! (only below 105 degrees…anything above that and I am not a very nice guy).
recent news:
Katie lost her two front teeth, Nick turns 5 on Monday (!!!!), Chris remains the cutest little boy on the planet and Holly has grown into a beautiful, intelligent and funny woman ~ all right in front of my eyes.
So, life is good.
except that my truck has a slow leak in the right front tire……that sucks.
Hope all is well, thanks for stopping by again,………. for my family in New York…..I’d like to fly down over a long weekend and beach/bbq/? sometime in August? Barbara, let me know your schedule and Artie’s.  
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