Recent Events – August 2006

Hello all, thanks for taking the time to stop by. It’s been about 3-4 months since my last entry. Much has happened, which I will give a brief synapsis (I’m tired, it’s rather late on a Tuesday night as I sit here in front of the computer).
Theoretically, summer is on the wane here in Las Vegas…although I am hard pressed to believe that. Our local weathermen point to the fact that the daytime high temperatures are ONLY 105 degrees, as though that would inspire me to risk heat exhaustion by simply going to the mailbox! I’m beginning to suspect that our weathermen are being slipped cash envelopes by the "heat miser" in order to downplay the actual forecast. Another thing (while I am on this sleep depraved rant…)… has only rained about a half inch all year long. Now God…if you are perhaps reading this article…I’m not asking for a "Katrina" like event. BUT…. I am seriously contemplating using my trucks windshield wipers as shishkabob skewers while I drive around town or to perhaps roast marshmallows. I haven’t had the need to switch them on unless a beetle commits suicide on my windshield.
o.k.  o.k.  I’ll stop… 
The children are all fine. Holly has begun 10th grade and in about a month turns "sweet sixteen". Katelyn is beginning 1st grade, Nick – Kindergarten and Christopher is chompin’ at the bit waiting for his turn to go to school. As soon as I get some photos worth posting, I will. I’ve been quite busy lately and negligent on taking pictures.
As for me……after much deliberation, I decided to leave my job of seven years and start a new company with my friend and business partner Paul Burn.
"Heritage Surveying" came into existence mid July and has grown rapidly to about 10 employees in a little over a month!! I am very flattered by the trust and faith of those who made the decision to make the transition over to our new firm. It is inspiring and frightening yet, I wish that I had done this years earlier. Please, collectively cross your fingers, light candles or stick pins into kewpie (sp?) dolls and wish us luck!
When time permits, I will come back and write a more coherent / informative letter……tonight, I’m no Shakespeare (more like Dr. Seuss).
Dennis (I am)
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