Lazy Sunday

Geez! Has it been since last autumn since I’ve written?! Wow!
Here it is a Sunday afternoon and in lieu of housecleaning, I opted for updating this website. Typical procrastination technique that I have mastered. I’ll get around to publishing it in a book one day…
The Kids:
All is well.  Both soccer (Katie) and t-ball (Nick) seasons are in full swing, so it seems there is either a game or a practice to attend every day.
Katelyn is asking people "what do they do and how many grades did they have to go to school?"….she’d like to find someone who is successful and only needed a couple of years of schooling. She knows that she has to go to "sixteen grades" before school is over and apparently first grade was a bit fatiguing for her!
Nicholas was tired of not having any loose teeth yet, so he yanked one out a couple of weeks ago. I’m not really sure what the Tooth Fairy compensation should be for deliberate removals but you got to appreciate his effort!
Christopher…….what can I say? Every day is an adventure with that boy….."Mans threat, ladies pet!"  
And lastly Holly…..shortly into summer recess Hols will be working for me for about 2 weeks….she has decided to slow down on the Irish Dancing and is currently in cheerleading tryouts at her school. Best of luck Bugs!
I’m still above ground and at my advancing age (42!!!) I take it less and less for granted! (only kidding).   My company is doing better than we expected for our first year. Remarkable considering that Las Vegas is suffering through a recession that hasn’t been seen in about 15-17 years…Helluva time to start a business, but that is the story of my life!
Heritage has grown steadily in both the field and office operations and Paul and I are very busy trying to open up to larger markets. My focus as of late has been the creation and development of our company’s website. I think it really is cool…check it out when you have a chance…. . Let me know what you think!
Well…..the dryer buzzer is telling me that I have to go and fold laundry…..&%!&#@! loudmouth!
(yawn…….maybe tomorrow……)
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