Autumn 2008 – How YOU doin?

Wow!! I can’t believe that it already has been a year. Crap….I am a lousy diarist/blogger….whatever the proper term is….

Well, it’s just that sometimes I feel as though I am telling my stories to an empty room. Hopefully that is not the case…so here I go.

2008 has been a um….very unique year, unlike any I have seen before. The economy here is Las Vegas has taken a severe downturn and it has been catastrophic to many in my profession. Large companies are now much smaller, small companies are hanging on by the skin of their teeth or completely closed. A word I often hear from my friends and other surveyors is "scary". Well, it certainly is unprecedented in my lifetime. Regardless, Heritage Surveying is still plodding along. We are not nearly the large firm that I envisioned us to be at this point, but we may get there soon! So…..most of my energies this year has been to get the word out, procure work and stay ahead of the economic "chopping block". I hope that you are all doing fine. Hopefully, this nationwide crisis will abate soon.

O.k. enough about that.

I’ll try and give a brief rundown of major topics and events. Although I have been a lazy writer, I have continued to update photos of the kids and my adventures so they can provide you with a virtual tour (albeit edited) version of my life.

I began the new year in Manhattan to watch the ball drop. This endeavor may sound fun, but I do not recommend it. After standing in an extremely crowded section on Times Square, it was decided to head back to the hotel and celebrate. Wise decision. Great trip otherwise…..

A major hamper in my decision to write/not write was the passing of my Aunt Susan in April. I used to make a point of stopping over for a visit during my frequent trips to New York over the past 4-5 years and it has disturbed me deeply to lose her. She was my mother’s oldest sister and I feel as though I lost my last remaining tie to my youth. I will miss her terribly. Even through the sadness of her passing, it was so nice to spend time with my cousins. They are all great people and I tend to forget all the good times we spent together as kids. One of the biggest regrets of my life is living so far away. Family is important.

Speaking of which…..

My kids are all GREAT!! In the interest of trying to keep this letter brief, I will have to refrain from waxing on and on (and on and on) about my babies. I am so fortunate.

Holly has recently turned 18 (!!!!) and is now a Senior in High School. Between her job/school/social agenda & boyfriend, it is increasingly more and more difficult to spend time with her, but I still find ways to get my lovin’ from her. I guess the new form for communication isn’t verbal or physical….it’s electronic. I spend more time texting or reading/writing her on MySpace. Sigh……. I wish she lived closer.

Katie is now in Third Grade and is very active with her soccer team. Her mom is the coach, so Katie is trying her hardest all the time!!! Very cute. Kate and I talk nearly every day and I cherish every moment with her. If we’re watching a movie, drawing, reading…..she is next to me. I love it!!

Nicholas has grown tremendously over the past year. It can be easy to overlook all that he does with both Katie and Christopher doing their own things, but Nick is a natural athlete, a quick study and a handsome boy with great humor. He gives the BEST hugs because he thinks that a good hug is how TIGHTLY he squeezes. An aNICKconda.

Christopher……oh lord. What an amazing boy. What he lacks in age, he makes up with sheer intensity and effort. There is NO stopping this boy. The boys played t-ball this spring on the same team (Red Sox…..groan), and CJ was an absolute FORCE in the outfield. I laugh even now when I think about it. Right now, Chris is playing his first season of soccer….stay tuned, I’m sure to have some cool photos.

Me? Health….check. Teeth……check. Eyesight….fair. Hair…..passable. Relationship……no more questions, you may leave now.

I recently wandered out to visit the Black Hills of South Dakota. A completely "wild hair" impulse mini-vacation and I’m glad I went. The weather was perfect, with the autumn leaves in full display. Spent my nights in Deadwood at a supposedly haunted hotel….hmmm…debatable if that is true. My days were spent sussing out all to do and see in the hills. The place is absolutely breathtaking this time of year. I can now report that after 43 years, I have finally seen Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse Mountain. Please take a peek at the photos from this trip, I get too amped up thinking about this trip that I cannot find the words just yet……I’ll come back and edit this later!!! (yeah, right) 

O.k. gang, I’ve got to go, hopefully I will get back to this soon and not another YEAR from now!!!! Have a happy and safe holiday season!!


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