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I have created this webspace to show pictures of the kids or of other recent photos and I’ll try to keep them current. This summer has been quite an active one for me. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to the west coast of Canada as well as the beaches of Long Island, NY.

The trip to New York was with my beautiful (and talented) daughter Holly (14). The purpose of the trip (other than to hang out in NYC, the beaches in the Hamptons or eat sushi by the handful!) was that Ms. Holly was to compete in an Irish Dancing Feis (competition). Apparently Irish Dancing is quite popular back east, the field was very tough but she placed 2nd out of a group of 34 other dancers…….Congratulations to you Hols, when you dance, so does my heart. We also visited family, friends and went to see a Yankee Game! At this particular game, some fan jumped into the netting behind home plate (it made national news) BTW, I did not have anything to do with it. I also was reacquainted with one of my best friends after many years.  

The trip to Canada was to Tasu Sound in the Queen Charlotte Islands of British Columbia. It was a company sponsored getaway where we took seven other clients/subcontractors and met up with two other companies doing essentially the same. All toll, there were 30 people making the trip from Vegas to Vancouver for a day and then over to Tasu. Incredible place. Our groups combined caught over 7400 pounds of King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Halibut, Red Snapper and Ling Cod. I caught over 260 pounds which after being cleaned and frozen amounts to about 110 pounds. So, I pretty much have no room left in my freezer.

It was a wonderful life changing experience and I hope to do it again.

The remaining photos are a collection of recent ones of my amazing kids Katelyn (6), Nicholas (4) and Christopher (3) along with some older ones of New York, San Francisco / Sonoma County and of southwestern Utah (the getaway from Las Vegas heat!).

The children have had a very good summer as well. Ms. Katelyn is now finding ways to eat "hard food" so that her teeth become loose, fall out and she gets money. She is now in Kindergarten and it amazes me just how much she has changed in the past couple of months…(I have long interesting conversations with her)…I miss my baby girl!!

Nicholas has found new highs with Spongebob Squarepants fascination. If something has a Spongebob on it, he either has it or has to have it. The boy is a walking advertisement for Nickelodeon. Very cute.

Christopher is into "race cars" all things NASCAR or airplanes, Batman, Spiderman…… I am certain that boy is going to break every bone in his body.

It is impossible for me to spend 5 minutes with those little ones and not want to smother them in kisses or hugs. 

What else, oh yeah, If you are my friends and family hopefully you like the photos!!

If you are not and have stumbled upon this website, please respect my privacy, mind your business and don’t look at the photos of my kids. Not kidding.

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